Red Alpha DTG Heat Transfers

What are Direct to Garment or DTG Transfers ?

Direct to Garment Transfers, or DTG Transfers are Digital prints that are printed directly onto transfer sheets with our Direct to Garment Printer which can then be heat pressed onto your garment of choice. 

Advantages of DTG Transfers over other printing method 

For the end user: 

  • No weeding excess vinyl
  • No need to transfer the print to a carrier sheet. 
  • Our transfers come ready to heat press on to the garment. 
  • Time is money and the less time you spend weeding vinyl the more money you make. 


For your customer: 
  • Full color DTG prints printed with a true Epson Direct to Garment printer not  a modified and rebranded epson paper printer
  • Our DTG Transfers work on 100% cotton, Polyester, Tri-blends and more!
  • Soft feel
  • Long lasting that stay vibrant even after many washes.