Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

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I just finished installing this box truck about an hour ago. Yesterday my client said that the Wild Turkey design was their favorite so far but today they said the Fireball design is now their favorite. Its mine too.

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Finally finished up this box  truck. You know the old saying " don't wish that your challenges were easier, wish that you was better"? Well I got myself in a bind right off the bat and had to remove a panel. In the past this would have wore me out but now its all in a days work. Took me a little longer but we still got it down. Tomorrow its on to another one :)  

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In a few months we will have been in business for 6 years but the dream started 22 years ago. In 1994 I started down the road of becoming an Entrepreneur. I could write a book about how many times I failed and maybe one day I will but today I simply wanted to capture a thought in the Red Alpha blog. 10 years ago Escalona & Associates came alive and it never really went anywhere. E&A is actually what I consider a parent, but I haven't yet revealed the Daddy company yet. E&A is who we use for our...

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