Direct to Garment Printing/DTG Printing


What is DTG Printing

DTG Printing is a process that uses a digital printer with water based inks to print directly on a garment.

When to Choose DTG

DTG is perfect for small 1-10 quantity orders or for designs with a lot of colors that would make it too expensive with screen printing  with DTG :

  • No minimum order requirement  
  • No screens or per color charge

What type of garment works best for DTG?

Our printer prints best on 100 % cotton garments but can also print on cotton/poly blends. (the more cotton the better)

  • T-shirts, Towels, Hoodies, and Cotton Fabric

Can you print photos?

Yes! DTG is great for printing full color photos. We had great success printing cell phone pics even the ones that were edited with a filter app. 

How do I get started?

Use our design studio to upload your print ready files, cell phone pics or create a design from scratch! We have thousands of design ideas and fonts to choose from