Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

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Today we discuss the importance of protecting your hands and what adjusting your grip can do to help you deal with some of life's challenges.

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1. Bully Proof yourself and your family

2. MMA & Boxing Training

3. Recovery

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Today i share some of the cool things i learned from my third MMA training Session. 

  • Take Intiative
  • Get comfortable with being bad
  • practice practice practice
  • dedicate yourself to your craft
  • don't stop at the bare minimum. 

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This Series of PMCS your life is a documentary of my new journey into MMA training. I'm a novice at Vlogging and MMA so in time I'm hoping to get better with my technique and hopefully will bring some value to those who choose to join me on this journey. Thank you for watching. 

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