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We receive low resolution files from clients who have had their logos designed by a graphic designer on a regular basis. At Red Alpha our design team ensures that every image we print is at the highest resolution. We don't just print what you we receive. Our experienced graphic designers can take almost any logo and recreate it so that low resolution will never be the cause of poor print. This info graphic is a good guide to reference the next time you are asked to send your logo to a printing company. As always we are more than happy...

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Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and get a digital copy of our business card into your hands. We are currently not offering web design or 3D design services but all other services are still available. Give us a call today and let us print what your thinking.

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We are getting a steady volume of calls from clients that are searching for our services and our name comes up for that particular service. After doing business I always make it a point to mention the other services we offer and make an invitation to connect via social media. The client is always happy to hear that they can do business with one company and deal with one point of contact for all of their printing needs. We also understand that you are busy so this is why we make myself available after hours. We know our clients have...

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In a few months we will have been in business for 6 years but the dream started 22 years ago. In 1994 I started down the road of becoming an Entrepreneur. I could write a book about how many times I failed and maybe one day I will but today I simply wanted to capture a thought in the Red Alpha blog. 10 years ago Escalona & Associates came alive and it never really went anywhere. E&A is actually what I consider a parent, but I haven't yet revealed the Daddy company yet. E&A is who we use for our...

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We made it possible for all our followers on twitter to purchase our merchandise on Twitter. We'll be adding new products and collections soon.

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