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     I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Michael Santiago from San Diego California. Michael sent us this pic of him wearing the Herbalife Superman shirt we printed up for him. Michael has order a few things from us and because he was kind enought to send us this pic of him running in a 5K we are going to take the image he sent and print him a Selfie Tee.

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This is a Pinterest specific limited offer for all our Herbalife friends that have saved our pins or are following us on Pinterest. Tomorrow only we will be offering any 10 shirts from our Herbalife Collection. Get one of each design for yourself or the same design for your team members. Limit 10 shirts per order. Be sure to message on on Pinterest or send us an email at

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In a few months we will have been in business for 6 years but the dream started 22 years ago. In 1994 I started down the road of becoming an Entrepreneur. I could write a book about how many times I failed and maybe one day I will but today I simply wanted to capture a thought in the Red Alpha blog. 10 years ago Escalona & Associates came alive and it never really went anywhere. E&A is actually what I consider a parent, but I haven't yet revealed the Daddy company yet. E&A is who we use for our...

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