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Printing solutions for your business all on one page. Are you starting a new business or are you re-branding your business? Adding new staff or expanding to a new location? After eight years of working with business clients just like yourself we have seen that although every business is unique in the sense of the product or service they offer, the printing needs are similar. The Red Alpha Business Solutions page is comprised of the most common product and service requests we have received over the years. New products and services will be added periodically as we continue to fine...

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Every Year from October 1st to December 31st our finance company Time Payment Corporation announces a 90 payment deferral program. We wanted to get a head start by spreading the word. If you know anyone who is in the market for a new commercial vehicle wrap,store front windows or a fleet of vehicles they would like to wrap our 90 day payment deferral finance program might be an answer to their prayers. Pass this along and make sure they mention your name because we want to make sure we reward our friends who refer business to us.

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I just finished installing this box truck about an hour ago. Yesterday my client said that the Wild Turkey design was their favorite so far but today they said the Fireball design is now their favorite. Its mine too.

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Finally finished up this box  truck. You know the old saying " don't wish that your challenges were easier, wish that you was better"? Well I got myself in a bind right off the bat and had to remove a panel. In the past this would have wore me out but now its all in a days work. Took me a little longer but we still got it down. Tomorrow its on to another one :)  

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One of the most common decisions a new or growing business has to decide is where to put their marketing dollars to work. There is no doubt many of you have considered all the traditional channels for advertising and more and more business owners are turning to vehicle wraps. On average the cost per impression for vehicle wraps, meaning how many times people will see your advertising is the lowest cost.  Although this is a very good option for you are you prepared to make the investment? The average wrap will cost you anywhere from $1500-$3500 depending on the size...

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