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Having a birthday party to plan for? Needing a printing company that "Get's it"?  I'm the guy that grew up playing D&D, reading comic books, and choose your own adventure books. I probably know more about Marvel comics than a grown man should admit and I have read all the Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the rings books. In elementary school I had the sound track record to Popeye and owned an LP of Weird Al Yankovic debut album. Impressive resume right? Give us a call and we can help you make your next themed birthday party...

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In 1991 I graduated from Arlington High School in Arlington Texas. I had made up my mind in junior high that I was joining the military after watching an ROTC drill team presentation. It was during Desert Storm that I started exercising with a local Marine Corp recruiting office as a junior in High School . The Marine Corp however would not recognize my 4 years of Air Force ROTC but the Army did and gave me 2 extra Ranks because of it so I chose to enlist in the Army. After Army Basic Training I was stationed in Ft. Irwin California where I was awarded...

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